90s Nostalgia, Liars and Men with Wayne Bridges

Wayne Bridges of Dirty Rotten Geniuses joins me on today’s episode. Wayne is the type of guy people describe as distinguished – and I imagine he wears a sleep hat and embroidered slippers to bed (think Ebenezer Scrooge). We talk about all of our favorite television shows from the 90s – and go deep into Wayne’s favorite: Saved by the Bell (Conclusion: Zack Morris was that guy and high school was never that amazing). We touch on drugs, addiction and Demi Lovato and how addiction is treated differently when it comes to race. You’ll also hear our take on astrology, domineering personalities, following your intuition, liars, goals, and even rape culture. Check out Wayne’s amazingly hilarious podcast on Apple Podcasts here:¬†https://apple.co/2vLQqaH.

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