The Why

Wellness has a diversity issue, and I want to help change that. I once canceled a pilates class at a swanky, hip pilates studio because I knew there wouldn’t be anyone there that looked like me. I searched all across Instagram for pictures of the studio, and each picture was the same as the last: tall, lithe blonde model types. I battled between going, doing my thing and showing those girls a thick, black chick who grew up in Clayton County, Georgia could just as easily bust out a double-leg stretch as they could, but…my anxiety eventually won out. And it stung.

Why upon looking out do I see so few people that look like me? Why aren’t there more representations of women of color in wellness? Why are we often left out of a conversation that we deserve to be a part of? And then I asked myself: why not create your own lane? I know I’m not alone and I wanted to create this podcast for the women out there like me – the ones who sip kombucha while they listen to trap music, the ones who are spiritual and meditate, but also grew up spending every Sunday morning in church. I want to create this podcast for the ones who coexist between both worlds – the ones who need to hear this because we have something to offer too.

About Mariah

Hey, there! I’m Mariah, and I’m passionate about helping other women live their best lives by connecting them to wellness in a deep and meaningful way. I’m currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, I have one child – a daughter named Eve, and I’m so glad you’ve read this far 🙂 Follow me on Instagram or reach out via Email.