Virgins, Body Odor and Plastic Surgery with Gabrielle Bobb

Being around your friends always brings out your most silly, free self! On this episode I welcome my dear friend of 14+ years – Gabrielle “Gabby” Bobb – on to talk about everything from her being a 26-year old virgin to her outlook on wellness, her spiritual journey, family, self care, self-love, plastic surgery and body odor (and our #1 secret for always being fresh), and so much more. This episode is definitely just two friends laughing and kiking and was so much fun for both of us. Please follow me on Instagram @mariahcy, I’d love to hear from you and as always thanks for listening!

Londrelle Music: https://soundcloud.com/londrelle

The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s:

The Whole30: https://whole30.com/

Daniel Fast: https://bit.ly/2wNkBRH

My favorite all-natural deodorant (Stank Stop): https://bit.ly/2Gp8dXU

Liquid Chlorophyll: https://bit.ly/2IoV9r4

“What’s the deal with soy?” https://bit.ly/2IQ6wbj

Magnesium: https://amzn.to/2k3V9hT

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